LED Stick Light Wireless Dimmer

LED Stick Light Wireless Dimmer

  • $125.00

The LED Stick Light Wireless Dimmer is your solution to dial in the exact amount of light required for your application. Controls LED stick light from up to 100 ft. and features power cycle mode retention, 4 preset dimming levels, 3 delay off timers, and brightness control.  The dimmer uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit push button control for stepped intensity adjustment on an RF remote.

The controller is housed in a splashproof housing and is connected between the light and the power supply connectors. 

Works with all of our LED Stick Lights.

Remote Modes:

  1. Brightness (75%)
  2. On
  3. Brightness (100%)
  4. Brightness (50%)
  5. Delay Off (10 seconds)
  6. Brightness (25%)
  7. Off
  8. Increase Brightness
  9. Decrease Brightness
  10. Delay Off (1 Minute)
  11. Delay Off (30 seconds)