270 Degree LED Stick Light - Natural White Color Spectrum Waterproof Work Light

  • $325.00

This LED Stick Light delivers superior brightness in a natural white spectrum (4500K) and 270 degree light coverage, as well as unmatched versatility in a patented (#9,310,067) compact and durable design. The 270 degree light angle is ideal when directing light in front of you. If you need 360 degrees of light coverage, try our 360 Degree LED Stick Light .

Each unit includes an AC to DC power supply (positioned 1 ft from AC power outlet). Select the optional eye nut and anchor platform for multi-position, hands free use. Our trouble lights are hydro-tested and certified waterproof to 100 ft, and the rugged, polycarbonate housing means LED Stick Light is engineered to stand up to the toughest work conditions.

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    • Natural White Spectrum (4500K)
    • 270 Degree Light Coverage
    • 50,000 Hours of LED Life
    • Waterproof to 100 ft
    • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Design
    • DC Power Supply - Safe for Confined Spaces!
    • Standard 25 ft Cable
    • Positive Buoyant
    • Free of Hazardous Materials (vs. mercury containing fluorescent tubes)
    • Safer for Foreign Material Exclusion Zones

    Accessories & Options

    (call for information & pricing)

    • Welded, Eye Nut Anchor Point
    • Anchor Platform
    • Negative Buoyant Model 
    • Optional LED Colors
    • 60 ft and 100 ft Cables

    MODEL   DIMENSIONS            WEIGHT (light only)  LUMENS
    1 Ft          13.0" L x 1-3/4" tube            1 lb                     1,800+
    2 Ft          25.5" L x 1-3/4" tube            2 lb                     2,700+
    4 Ft          44.0" L x 1-3/4" tube            4 lb                     5,400+

    View the LED Stick Light Brochure: Waterproof LED StickLight