Return Policy

What is the standard procedure for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?


All RMA requests must be submitted to Radium Product Support (

Our standard procedure for requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is described below:

When requesting an RMA, the following information must be provided to Radium Product Support (

  1. Product Information
    1. Original Order Number and/or Purchase Order Number (REQUIRED)
    1. LED Stick Lights (all models): Product Name (eg LED Stick Light ‐ 4/25), Model Number (eg, 424‐1‐25) and the 4 to 6-digit serial number (eg, 424300) for the damaged product.


  1. Description of the Problem.

Include any diagnostics performed to isolate the problem. Radium Product Support staff may ask additional questions. A problem diagnosed while the equipment is still in the field may be a problem than can be fixed in the field, avoiding significant time and effort associated with an unnecessary return.


  1. Contact Information & Return Address.

To which the repaired item or its replacement should be shipped. UPS, our preferred shipper, requires detailed contact information in case of a problem with delivery. Please include your name, phone number and email address.


  1. Would you like the item repaired or for us to ship a replacement component?

When requesting the RMA, please specify if you would like for us to cross-ship a replacement component, or if you would like to send the unit back for repair service.

We can issue the RMA as repair and return to the customer whereby the customer ships the failed component to Radium, and then the component is repaired and returned to the customer.


If the component is needed urgently, we can cross-ship a replacement component to the customer. When we cross-ship a replacement component, the customer typically waits until he receives the replacement, and then uses the same shipping box to return the failed component.


After we obtain this required information, will verify the warranty information for the product and will authorize an In-Warranty RMA or Out-Of-Warranty RMA, issue the RMA number and provide basic instructions for how to return the unit to Radium for repair or replacement. For Out-Of-Warranty RMAs, the customer will additionally be provided with a repair cost estimate for approval before the RMA number is issued.



For In-Warranty RMAs, please note that Radium pays for shipping the product(s) and/or component(s) to the customer, and the customer is responsible for paying to ship the damaged component to Radium. 


For Out-Of-Warranty RMAs, the customer pays all shipping costs. The customer can choose any shipping company, list the value of the component at $0.00 US dollars, as the component does not need to be insured. A Radium Returns Coordinator will follow up as needed concerning the logistics of the RMA.


Additional Details

The expiration date of the RMA is 30 days from the time it was issued.

Under the terms of each product warranty, the returned unit will be tested, any failures diagnosed, and then be repaired, or, if the item is under warranty but cannot be repaired, be replaced with a component of the same product code version. If no problems are found with the unit despite extensive testing at Radium (ie, No Trouble Found -- NTF), the unit will be returned “as is” to the customer.

If an item is out of warranty, Radium will make a reasonable effort to diagnose the failures and then provide a repair cost estimate to the customer.

If it is determined that a product has been damaged due to negligence on the part of the customer, the product will be returned to the customer without testing. Any damaged equipment due to lack of care or negligence on the part of the customer, or any modification made to the product without the prior written approval of Radium, voids any existing warranty and is not subject to return for repair.

All RMA repairs/replacements will be mailed via UPS or FedEx (at our discretion) unless other shipping arrangements are requested.

The warranty for the replacement part is the balance of the original part's warranty, or 90 days from date of shipment, whichever is longer.