LED Stick Lights - The Ultimate LED Trouble Lights

Patented (#9310067), LED Stick Lights solve the frustrations you experience with florescent tube lights, PLUS they provide 2x more light than traditional florescent tube lights. LED StickLight's poly-carbonate housing is light-weight and compact by design, as well as impact resistant. Enjoy a working life-span up to 50,000 hours, increased energy efficiency, and reduce the risk of eye strain and discomfort caused by sensitivity to florescent light source. 

Conventional fluorescent tube lighting is fragile and typically breaks during light industrial use. So, switch to LED LightSticks & say goodbye to:

An unsafe work area caused by a sudden loss of light
  Hazardous mercury waste
Added man hours to dispose of hazardous material
A loss of production time, waiting for replacement lights to arrive onsite 

Our lights have been tested and used in various industrial settings, including utility and power plant maintenance, nuclear diving, automotive repair, and more! If you need lighting for a marine or diving application, we offer a line of waterproof LED trouble lights. Hydro-tested and certified waterproof, these work lights are good for use up to 100 feet.

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